Green Tea Diet

The benefits of green tea on mankind are not new, the Chinese have been using this totally natural ingredient for over 4 millennia, but in the West the idea of either drinking regular cups of green tea or taking green tea vitamin pills is fairly new. So, is a green tea diet a fad-diet, or are there real virtues?

The Benefits

Although considered a folklore medicine by many, there is now irrefutable evidence that supplementing your daily diet with cups of green tea or green tea tablets does have an impact on your overall health. Among the known ailments green tea is known to combat are:—

- common colds and flu;

- Alzheimer's;

- weight-loss and control; and

- strengthening the body's immune system.

Of course, green tea is not an all-in-one cure! You do need to make certain other lifestyle adjustments. For example, there would be little point using green tea as a weight-loss supplement if you continued to eat your daily fried breakfast! What you need is to adapt your dietary habits during the time you use green tea as a heath supplement. For example, you need to eat your correct daily portions of vegetables and fruit - so that you have a good vitamin balance. You'd also need to make sure you take moderate exercise, like walking, cycling or swimming. Combine this with the natural healing powers of green tea, and then you could have the desired effects you are looking for.

How to Use Green Tea

One of the nicest things about utilizing green tea in you diet to fend off certain ailments is that as a natural tea product you can drink lots of cups of it a day. Indeed, most experts agree that to be effective you should be drinking upwards of 5 cups of green tea a day. However, if drinking lots of cups of green tea everyday doesn't sound like your "cup of tea", so to speak, then don't worry as you can also make use of the benefits of green tea in either pill form or as a patch. If you want to utilize green tea in either of these forms, then the recommended daily dose is around 500mg - which the equivalent to three tablets a day: one with breakfast, one with lunch and one with dinner.

And, with the all natural green tea diet, you really can stay on top of all your healthcare needs without having to resort to any artificial chemical supplement whose long-term effects have yet to come to light!

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